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Introducing the Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold, a unique and innovative charting method that combines the simplicity of Renko bars with the flexibility of customization. Orenko bars & Orenko Threshold offer traders a visually appealing and streamlined way to analyze market trends and price movements, making them an ideal choice for traders of all skill levels.

Key features of the Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold include:

◈  Customization:
Orenko bars allow you to tailor the settings to match your preferred trading style and strategy, offering control over parameters such as the trend continuation, open offset, and reversal threshold.

◈  Enhanced Trend Visualization:
Orenko bars focus on price movements, filtering out market noise and providing a clear representation of trends and reversals, making it easier for traders to identify trading opportunities.

◈  Reduced Ambiguity:
Orenko bars offer a more precise view of market conditions by only plotting new bars when specific price movement criteria are met, resulting in less ambiguity and a cleaner chart.

◈  Improved Risk Management:
Orenko Threshold may help traders better manage risk by clearly highlighting the formation of the next three bars trend and reversal thresholds, aiding in stop-loss and profit target placements based on bar formation.

◈  Versatility:
Orenko bars are suitable for various trading styles, including day trading, swing trading, and position trading, making them a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit.

◈   For NinjaTrader 8

Period Examples
ES – 4/12/28 – 2/5/10
NQ – 9/10/30 – 3/9/21

Elevate your trading experience by harnessing the power of this innovative and visually intuitive charting method. Download your free copy of Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold Today.