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Introducing Obsidian Overwatch, a powerful and versatile indicator for NinjaTrader 8, specifically designed to help you stay ahead in the rapidly changing market environment. This innovative tool tracks price action across multiple instruments, providing you with the critical insights needed to make informed trading decisions and enhance your market awareness.

Key features include:

◈  Multilayered Price Action Tracking – Obsidian Overwatch draws squares for each data series set, meticulously monitoring price action for the corresponding instrument. With the intuitive color-coded system, easily identify bearish and bullish movements, enabling you to quickly assess market direction and potential reversals.

◈  Strength Visualization – The indicator not only tracks the direction of price movement but also measures the strength of the move from our proprietary baseline. Squares are filled with varying degrees of red or green, depending on the intensity of the price change, allowing you to gauge market momentum at a glance.

◈  Tick Display – Obsidian Overwatch offers real-time tick readings, displaying a positive or negative symbol depending on the price action. This feature helps you to better understand current price action and make well-informed trading decisions.

◈  Index Correlation – Keep an eye on the bigger picture by tracking the top 10 holdings of an index to correlate potential index moves. This powerful feature enables you to identify potential trading opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

◈   Customizable Settings – Personalize your trading experience with the ability to customize colors, square size, instruments, and the number of squares displayed. Tailor Obsidian Overwatch to your unique trading preferences and strategy.

◈   For NinjaTrader 8

Upgrade your NinjaTrader 8 toolkit with Obsidian Overwatch, and gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics across multiple instruments. Harness the power of this innovative indicator to elevate your trading strategy and stay ahead of the competition.