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Introducing The Obsidian Indicator Suite, a comprehensive collection of powerful and versatile indicators designed for NinjaTrader 8. This all-in-one suite brings together our finest indicators, empowering you to make informed trading decisions and enhance your market awareness. With customizability and cutting-edge features, the Obsidian Indicator Suite is the perfect addition to your trading toolkit.

The suite includes the following indicators:

◈ Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈ Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈ Obsidian Moving Average Suite

◈ Obsidian News

◈ Obsidian Overwatch

◈ Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold

◈ Obsidian Orderflow Delta

Key features of the Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper include:

◈ Auto and Semi-Auto functionality for tailored trading control.

◈ Customizable entry and exit conditions, allowing you to choose signals from a selection of buttons.

◈ Additional filtering options for trend, confirmed signals, and unconfirmed signals.

◈ Audio alerts to keep you informed in real-time.

◈ Ability to use your personalized ATM strategy.

◈ Compatible with various bar types such as Renko and Heiken Ashi.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

Key features of the Dark Diamond Trend Sniper include:

◈ Bullish and Bearish Diamond and Arrow Signals:
Experience a distinct representation with an outline for unconfirmed signals and solid confirmed signals.

◈ Audio Alerts:
Stay informed and focused with real-time audio notifications.

◈ Compatibility:
Designed for use with various bar types, including Renko and Heiken Ashi.

◈ Support and Resistance Lines:
Automatically detect and draw potential support and resistance lines, transitioning to thin dotted lines once breached.

◈ User-friendly Interface:
Ideal for traders of all skill levels, providing the clarity needed that may help to manage emotions and navigate the market effectively.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

Key features of the Obsidian Moving Average Suite include:

◈ Complete Customization: Tailor the indicator to match your personal preferences by choosing your preferred color or utilizing a red-to-green gradient that shifts based on the direction of the
moving averages.

◈ Background Rendering: Enhance your visual analysis with the option to fill the area between moving averages, creating a dynamic moving average ribbon that highlights trends and fluctuations.

◈ Multiple Plot Options: Take full control of your analysis with the ability to choose from 1 to 16 plots, ensuring a detailed and comprehensive understanding of market movements.

◈ Variety of Moving Averages: Cater to your unique trading needs by selecting from four types of moving averages: Exponential, Simple, Weighted, or Hull.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

Key features of Obsidian News include:

◈ Economic News Events – Obsidian News displays a selection of economic news events on your chart, ensuring you never miss important updates that can impact your trading. Stay informed and be prepared to react to market changes as they happen.

◈ Previous and Forecast Numbers – Gain valuable context by viewing previous numbers and forecast numbers alongside each news event. This information helps you to better understand market expectations and potential reactions to incoming news.

◈ Audible Alerts – Set an audible alert a specific number of minutes before the news release to ensure you’re prepared for potential market moves. Stay ahead of the curve and respond to crucial events in a timely manner.

◈ Seamless Integration – Obsidian News is designed for effortless integration with your existing NinjaTrader 8 platform. The user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it easy to incorporate this powerful tool into your trading workflow.

Key features of Obsidian Overwatch include:

◈ Multilayered Price Action Tracking – Obsidian Overwatch draws squares for each data series set, meticulously monitoring price action for the corresponding instrument. With the intuitive color-coded system, easily identify bearish and bullish movements, enabling you to quickly assess market direction and potential reversals.

◈ Strength Visualization – The indicator not only tracks the direction of price movement but also measures the strength of the move from our proprietary baseline. Squares are filled with varying degrees of red or green, depending on the intensity of the price change, allowing you to gauge market momentum at a glance.

◈ Tick Display – Obsidian Overwatch offers real-time tick readings, displaying a positive or negative symbol depending on the price action. This feature helps you to better understand current price action and make well-informed trading decisions.

◈ Index Correlation – Keep an eye on the bigger picture by tracking the top 10 holdings of an index to correlate potential index moves. This powerful feature enables you to identify potential trading opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

◈ Customizable Settings – Personalize your trading experience with the ability to customize colors, square size, instruments, and the number of squares displayed. Tailor Obsidian Overwatch to your unique trading preferences and strategy.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

Key features of Obsidian Orderflow Delta include:

◈ Cumulative Delta Analysis – The Obsidian OrderFlow Delta Indicator delivers both Cumulative Delta and Per Bar Delta, offering a comprehensive understanding of buying and selling pressure in the market. Identify trends and potential reversals with ease, detect divergences from price action, and stay one step ahead of the game.

◈ No Tick Replay Required – Unlike other order flow indicators, the Obsidian OrderFlow Delta does not require tick replay. This feature allows short chart loading times compared to tick replay and conserves PC resources, helping to keep charts light and snappy. Traders can now focus on what truly matters – making the right trading decisions.

◈ Customizable Cumulative Delta Reset – Additional control over your data analysis with the option to reset Cumulative Delta at the beginning of each new trading session or from the start of your loaded data series. Choose the setting that best suits your trading strategy and preferences.

◈ Customizable Display – Choose to display Cumulative Delta, Per Bar Delta, or both, for maximum flexibility and enhanced market analysis.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

Key features of the Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold include:

◈ Customization:
Orenko bars allow you to tailor the settings to match your preferred trading style and strategy, offering control over parameters such as the trend continuation, open offset, and reversal threshold.

◈ Enhanced Trend Visualization:
Orenko bars focus on price movements, filtering out market noise and providing a clear representation of trends and reversals, making it easier for traders to identify trading opportunities.

◈ Reduced Ambiguity:
Orenko bars offer a more precise view of market conditions by only plotting new bars when specific price movement criteria are met, resulting in less ambiguity and a cleaner chart.

◈ Improved Risk Management:
Orenko Threshold may help traders better manage risk by clearly highlighting the formation of the next three bars trend and reversal thresholds, aiding in stop-loss and profit target placements based on bar formation.

◈ Versatility:
Orenko bars are suitable for various trading styles, including day trading, swing trading, and position trading, making them a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit.

◈ For NinjaTrader 8

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