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Introducing the Obsidian Indicator Suite, a comprehensive collection of powerful and versatile indicators designed for NinjaTrader 8. This all-in-one suite brings together our finest indicators, empowering you to make informed trading decisions and enhance your market awareness. With customizability and cutting-edge features, the Obsidian Indicator Suite is the perfect addition to your trading toolkit.

The suite includes the following indicators:

◈  Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈  Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈  Obsidian Moving Average Suite

◈  Obsidian News

◈  Obsidian Overwatch

◈  Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold

◈  Obsidian Orderflow Delta

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Introducing the Obsidian Indicator Suite, a comprehensive collection of powerful and versatile indicators designed for NinjaTrader 8. This all-in-one suite brings together our finest indicators, empowering you to make informed trading decisions and enhance your market awareness. With customizability and cutting-edge features, the Obsidian Indicator Suite is the perfect addition to your trading toolkit.

The suite includes the following indicators:

◈  Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈  Dark Diamond Trend Sniper

◈  Obsidian Moving Average Suite

◈  Obsidian News

◈  Obsidian Overwatch

◈  Orenko Bar & Orenko Threshold

◈  Obsidian Orderflow Delta

Key features of the Automated Dark Diamond Trend Sniper include:

◈   Auto and Semi-Auto functionality for tailored trading control.

◈   Customizable entry and exit conditions, allowing you to choose signals from a selection of buttons.

◈   Additional filtering options for trend, confirmed signals, and unconfirmed signals.

◈   Audio alerts to keep you informed in real-time.

◈   Ability to use your personalized ATM strategy.

◈   Compatible with various bar types such as Renko and Heiken Ashi.

Key features of the Obsidian Moving Average Suite include:

◈  Complete Customization: Tailor the indicator to match your personal preferences by choosing your preferred color or utilizing a red-to-green gradient that shifts based on the direction of the
moving averages.

◈  Background Rendering: Enhance your visual analysis with the option to fill the area between moving averages, creating a dynamic moving average ribbon that highlights trends and fluctuations.

◈  Variety of Moving Averages: Cater to your unique trading needs by selecting from four types of moving averages: Exponential, Simple, Weighted, or Hull.

Key features of Obsidian News include:

◈  Economic News Events – Obsidian News displays a selection of economic news events on your chart, ensuring you never miss important updates that can impact your trading. Stay informed and be prepared to react to market changes as they happen.

◈  Audible Alerts – Set an audible alert a specific number of minutes before the news release to ensure you’re prepared for potential market moves. Stay ahead of the curve and respond to crucial events in a timely manner.

Key features of Obsidian Overwatch include:

◈  Multilayered Price Action Tracking – Obsidian Overwatch draws squares for each data series set, meticulously monitoring price action for the corresponding instrument. With the intuitive color-coded system, easily identify bearish and bullish movements, enabling you to quickly assess market direction and potential reversals.

◈  Strength Visualization – The indicator not only tracks the direction of price movement but also measures the strength of the move from our proprietary baseline. Squares are filled with varying degrees of red or green, depending on the intensity of the price change, allowing you to gauge market momentum at a glance.

◈  Tick Display – Obsidian Overwatch offers real-time tick readings, displaying a positive or negative symbol depending on the price action. This feature helps you to better understand current price action and make well-informed trading decisions.

◈  Index Correlation – Keep an eye on the bigger picture by tracking the top 10 holdings of an index to correlate potential index moves. This powerful feature enables you to identify potential trading opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

Key features of Obsidian Orderflow Delta include:

◈  Cumulative Delta Analysis – The Obsidian OrderFlow Delta Indicator delivers both Cumulative Delta and Per Bar Delta, offering a comprehensive understanding of buying and selling pressure in the market. Identify trends and potential reversals with ease, detect divergences from price action, and stay one step ahead of the game.

◈  No Tick Replay Required – Unlike other order flow indicators, the Obsidian OrderFlow Delta does not require tick replay. This feature allows short chart loading times compared to tick replay and conserves PC resources, helping to keep charts light and snappy. Traders can now focus on what truly matters – making the right trading decisions.

◈  Customizable Cumulative Delta Reset – Additional control over your data analysis with the option to reset Cumulative Delta at the beginning of each new trading session or from the start of your loaded data series. Choose the setting that best suits your trading strategy and preferences.

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15 reviews for The Obsidian Indicator Suite

  1. Yevgeniy Rubinchik (verified owner)

    This product is definitely worth price. It is a powerful bot that can help you make money. You will not regret it.

  2. Glenn Martinez (verified owner)

    You can get great results from this suite, but you can’t just jump in. You need to adjust the settings for each market condition. It’s recommended to start off in SIM. The best part about this is that the staff is willing to set it up with you while you share your screen. You get more than just a bunch of indicators with this suite. You get education and interaction to help make you successful. Take your time and get acquainted with this suite. You will love it.

  3. Amy Chang (verified owner)

    Started my journey in future trading with prop firm 3 months ago. Tried different systems without much success. Finally passed my first eval account using The Obsidian Indicator Suite for less than a month. They also have helpful Discord community and great email & chat support. Definitely worth the investment. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested pursuing a trading career.

  4. Michael Walker (verified owner)

    So I’ve never traded futures successfully before on my own, but using the Obsidian Indicator and joining the discord site, I am very comfortable trading futures now. Still working on passing the eval accounts, but the Orenko bars and the strategies are fantastic! With the right strategy for your risk tolerance, you can set it and forget it. There is a simulation function that allows you to become familiar with the platform and become more confident in reading the charts and prices. Highly recommend this product. In the one month I’ve been on the platform, I’ve seen some traders make 4 figure runs. I’m not there yet,, but it’s a marathon not a spring. The Ninja platform takes a little getting use to, but once there, pretty simple. Stay Green!!

  5. kailiu9988 (verified owner)

    I’ve been failed over 40 Eval accounts in last 4 months until I start using the Obsidian indicator. I’ve been only using Obsidian indicator for less than 3 weeks, I already passed 5 eval accounts and making profits on my 3 PA accounts. Not only this is a great North star for your trade directions. Also, there is a group a veteran traders in this community who are making real MONEY to help and mentor you to make sure you’re green and pass your eval accounts and stay green with your PA accounts. Nothing can compare with this in the current market. Also, they will train you how to use this indicator before your trial, so you can fully take advantage of the trial period. This will be THE tool to help you to pass your eval accounts and stay green on your PA accounts.

  6. Desmond Chua (verified owner)

    As both a novice and experienced trader, I’ve found the Obsidian Indicator to be an essential tool in my arsenal, consistently guiding my decisions and enhancing my outcomes. Whether you’re new to technical analysis or a seasoned pro, this indicator is a game-changer that deserves a spot in every trader’s toolkit.

  7. Ethan Cordell (verified owner)

    Great group of people, very helpful and good going. You can join the discord and watch the livestream of CJ and Kyle using the system and explaining everything. couldn’t recommend enough to anyone!

  8. Verice Lewis (verified owner)

    In just one month of using this tool, I successfully passed my first PA. The value for the price is undeniable. The indicators are efficient, and the dedicated Obsidian team is consistently enhancing the tool with new features. It’s adaptable to numerous strategies and chart setups, catering to varied trading styles. As a newcomer (two months in on learning to trade), the Discord community has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend investing time in understanding the indicators, engaging with the live calls, and asking questions.

  9. Hunter McMorran (verified owner)

    Obsidian helps you get in at the right time, with the trend, with very little drawdown during your trades. The price action is extremely clear, there is no noise, and you know exactly when the market is shifting momentum. Renko momentum Traders, and the Obsidian and IndicatorPRO teams and Discord groups are an incredible resource that you have to plug in to. Max, Cj, and the rest of the Obsidian team are real Traders that can develop you into any type of trader that you want to be. This truly is a one size fits all indicator and strategy!

  10. Ttrader (verified owner)

    I have been trading manual & with several other autotraders. Obsidian is clearly the easiest & most profitable that I have ever used. On top of this, they have a trading community that helps one another which is 100 times better than any other company. If your new to trading or a seasoned pro, this is perfect for all traders.

  11. Tricuspid (verified owner)

    Both the system and the community are unique; they offer much more support than any community I’ve ever been part of and that’s why I am a lifetime member. Kyle and CJ are some of the most knowledgeable people you could meet in the space and still take the time to answer any questions and help you in understanding how to use the tools in Obsidian Indicators. Every member is encouraged to help new members understand the concepts and we all help each other. I’m glad I’m part of this community and can’t wait to see what’s in store as it grows.

  12. Roland White (verified owner)

    I’m ashamed to say this, but even after 25 years of “trying” to be a trader, I never achieved consistent success until I found CJ, Kyle, and their Obsidian indicator suite. What they have done here is absolutely incredible. I am so amazed when I get an entry signal, I doubt it, and it works anyway. I guess that explains why I haven’t been consistently profitable until now.

    Now I have to warn you, it still requires effort on your part. The main thing I found is you’ll need to do some backtesting to gain the level of confidence that’s required. Not every trade will be a winner, but you’ll still need to trust that it will be profitable in the long run. When you get to that point is when you’ll reap the benefits because you won’t turn it off just because it had a few losers. When I’ve done that is when a huge winner comes along and I miss it because I decided to not let it enter the trade. Backtesting has proved to me that it will be profitable in the long run, even if the last trade was a loser. Just make sure your trade parameters make sense. You have to use the proper settings for the market you are trading and the current market conditions, but if you do that, the algo will do the rest. Backtest until you know what settings to use. That is your job. If you do that, the algo will do the rest.

    I have thanked them personally, but I want to thank you guys again publicly. Kyle, CJ, and anybody else who played a part in this, thanks so much for creating this tool. And thank you even more for sharing it with the public. I know you didn’t have to do that. I’m sure you’d be just fine keeping it all to yourself and reaping the benefits on your own. I can’t thank you enough. God Bless You!

  13. toby gooch (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Obsidian Indicator Suite for about 2 months , and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with it.

    The Obsidian Indicator Suite has some notable features that caught my attention. I love how the Auto Trader will automatically put you in a trade and exit on opposite signal, and I also really enjoy the looks of it and how easy it is to use, the interface is user friendly.
    One aspect I particularly appreciated about this suite is the Trend Filter and the Confirmation filter. For example, I found it helpful for confirming Trend and keeping me in trades longer, and it seemed to provide valuable insights into Market Trend.
    However, it’s important to acknowledge that no trading tool is infallible, and results can vary depending on market conditions and individual strategies.

    In terms of user-friendliness, the Obsidian Indicator Suite was relatively easy to integrate into my trading platform, and the support provided by Kyle Mcfarland was extremely responsive.
    Customer service is the best ive ever experienced.
    Overall, my experience with the Obsidian Indicator Suite has been amazing. It’s an additional tool in my trading toolkit that I use Daily and in conjunction with other trading methods. As with any trading tool, I highly recommend practicing sound risk management and using the suite as part of a well-thought-out trading strategy.
    My name on the Discord is NQ-Sniper, if you ever have any questions my DM’s are always open,

  14. Maria Mollet Aranza (verified owner)

    I didn’t think i will be writing a review about Obsidian Indicator. And why am I saying this.. I was in the verge of canceling then…..
    Well , I purchased this specific indicator when I was looking for semi/auto indicators that would assist me to get funded from prop firms . Started with futures basically Sept and knew nothing of it and becoming frustrated and failing 7 accounts and got to do something.
    I was initially excited about it when I started using it mid October however it was confusing at first not knowing where to begin. Thanks to Kyle, Joseph, NQ-Sniper , had the patience of helping me out. and of course there are several team inside discord that will help you out too however , to be honest, what i felt is that not many will spill out what strategy they have . I understand what they want you to do – they want you to test your own strategy.Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of strategies – but for newbies coming -in – very confusing especially for person who works fulltime and yes you can watch videos – but pulling teeth where to watching these videos. and from that I was at the point of getting frustrated and planning to cancel my subscription with the next renewal then out of nowhere , I got into conversation with CJ in Discord and he gave me the support that he didnt even realize i needed at the time.
    So I went and use continue to use the Obsidian Indicator from the inital use I know that gave me good result and kept me giving me good results and just stayed there and from there, less than a month and 9 days later from getting my 100Kstatic contract passed my PA account and now waiting for more PA that I know I have passed already just waiting for the eamil.:) these are thanks to the Obsidiam Indicators.

    And mind you , it really works. I now only use this tool to start my entries and at mostly I exit on my own when I get my profit target for the day. Of course , There is a day that it will still fail. There is no perfect tool. Mind you I have tried several , Overall this is it. Yes , Truthfully, it s more expensive , but it is worth it, others are less expensive but have failed me – (this is from my own experience).

    For me, I finally found the tool that cater my trading style.And Im so glad I stayed. And wish everyone to have a good future on futures trading!!!

  15. russell shoemaker (verified owner)

    Thanksgiving weekend and I have so much to be thankful for. My future trading journey started in march of 23, i was an options trader before futures. i struggled to figure futures out, i guess struggle isn’t close to how bad i was trading. After 27 evals from APEX and 7 blown PA’S, i saw a post about Obsidian. so i looked into it. It seemed legit but there’s so many scams out there. i decided to give it a try–best decision i’ve made in a while. I joined there free discord nd there strteed my amazing journy with Obsidian. The discord is more then just a discord, its a FAMILY. There are so many great traders there that devout their own time to help others and to teach. I want to thank a few that have helped me –CJ is awesome as is Kyle, NQ sniper, don, iron mike, Furu, and so many more. Its been an amazing journey for the past few months and i have made some new good friends in this family.
    now about my trading with Obsidian. Before Obsidian i had gone thru 27 evals and 7 blown PA’s. in the next three months, i now have 3 funded accounts and have gotten 5 payouts across those accounts. The trading bot is great after a few adjustments to fit my trading style. I am now working on getting up to 10 funded accounts in the next month. Obsidian and the Obsidian family has started to change my life for the better. I can’t say enough good things about Obsidian and the indicators they have and that I use everyday.

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